A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The enigmatic journey of Sky, an explorative artificial intelligent made by Professor Toro Hudo who lives in Goa, the world below. Sky was created to help Professor Toro Hudo in constructing kinetic system for his foster daughter, Ocean Hudo, a forsaken limbless child who fell from the clouds when she was an infant. Observe the mystical Goa, experience its astonishing adventure with formidable jigsaw, swivelling plot, and bizarre habitat.

Ascender by Game Changer Team, coming soon in 2016!

Install instructions

Download the zipped file and simply unzip it using winzip or other unzipping tools.

A little note

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Use X to jump

We really wish to get your input, below is a note on how you can give us input directly.

After playing, click Go To Form in order to open the form. If you haven't finish playing and wanted to give input you may click Give Us Feedback button in the main menu.


Ascender Public Preview WIN64 (227 MB)
Ascender Public Preview WIN32 (225 MB)
Ascender - Public Preview - LINUX (237 MB)
Ascender Public Preview OSX (229 MB)